Using seca mBCA for Body Composition Analysis

Using seca mBCA for Body Composition Analysis

Body composition describes the different components of the body that make up a person’s body weight. An individual’s body is comprised of tissues like organs and muscles that are metabolically active and fat which is not. While conventional scales can only tell how much somebody weighs, the various methods of analyzing body composition tell the user how much of his or her body is fat.

What is the seca mBCA?

seca is a company that makes scales and medical measuring products. It has been in business since 1840. “mBCA” stands for “medical body composition analyzer.”

The seca mBCA is a measuring device that consists of a platform with handrails. The handrails have electrodes built into them. The handrails not only provide support for those patients who need it, but they help the patient stay in the same position to ensure that they always get the same results.

The analyzer uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to get it measurements, which means that a low electric signal circulates through the body. The analyzer can measure the resistance to the electrical flow and translate it into the percentage of body fat.

The platform has scales built into it so that the analyzer can weigh the patient. It can be programmed to account for physiological differences in ethnic groups, and the technician can type in the patient’s height.

How should the patient prepare?

To get an accurate reading, the patient should stick to their normal routine in terms of snacks and meals. The patient should avoid eating very large meals or drinking an unusually high amount of fluids before the analysis. The patient should also avoid exercise or other strenuous activity for at least two hours before the analysis, for such activity will result in a higher temperature and altered electrical resistance. The patient should empty their bladder before the analysis. If the patient’s hands are very dry or covered with lotion, they should wipe them with a moist cloth. Otherwise, the electrodes will not work correctly.

What are the results?

The mBCA can measure muscle mass, fat, and water. It produces some charts including the “Body Composition Chart,” which includes the amounts of fat mass and fat-free mass a patient has. Other charts include the “Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis (BIVA)” which provides information on a patient’s fitness level, hydration status, and nutritional status. The “Phase Angle” indicates overall health and metabolic activity. It also compares the patient to others in their sex and age groups.

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