No one ever wants to deal with skin issues, but they are unfortunately a part of our lives. Whether you have acne, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles or sun and age spots to contend with, it’s all the pits. To make things worse, many people suffer from more than one skin issue, making it difficult to treat any of them.

But there is something new on the horizon for taking care of these skin conditions and many others. It’s called PRP rejuvenation. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, and the skin rejuvenation techniques involving it are taking the aesthetic medicine world by storm!

At LivRenew, Dr. Chris Senger can help you get more radiant skin by using PRP. This innovative technique can offer skin rejuvenation to fight many skin issues that people deal with. Our team can help determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs based on your skin type and the issues you are trying to correct.Contact LivRenew today to schedule your consultation.

What is PRP skin rejuvenation?

PRP skin rejuvenation is a revolutionary way of restoring and repairing your skin tissue and underlying muscle. Special plasma in your blood is actually injected into scars, wrinkles or other trouble areas to help make them smoother and more attractive.

Am I a Candidate?

If you have skin issues that you don’t know how to manage with washing, moisturizing and applying creams or serums alone, you may be an excellent candidate for PRP skin rejuvenation. You must also be in good health both mentally and physically.

Keep in mind that this procedure is not a cure all for how you feel about yourself. That is, some people may seek PRP skin rejuvenation to fix their problems, and they may have an unrealistic goal of becoming perfect. Perfection should never be a goal of anyone. PRP skin rejuvenation can help you look like your best self, and it can help you feel better about your appearance. If that’s what you hope to get out of PRP skin rejuvenation, then you may be a great candidate.

What skin issues does PRP skin rejuvenation address?

If you have any of the following skin disorders or issues, PRP skin rejuvenation could help you greatly with these problems:

  • Dull or especially dry skin
  • Hollowed eye sockets and cheeks
  • Transparent or thinning skin on the face, neck or chest
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Ruddiness or hyper-redness
  • Drooping or sagging skin on the face, neck or chest
  • Large pores
  • Lines, wrinkles or creases on the face, neck or chest
  • Lack of contouring or firmness on the face, neck, hands or chest
  • Sun spots or age spots (also known as hyper-pigmentation)

How is PRP different from other rejuvenation procedures?

Many people turn to Botox or other dermal fillers when they want to rejuvenate their skin. These solutions can be helpful in select areas, such as improving the appearance of deep scars or wrinkles, but skin rejuvenation with PRP can do much more for your skin. One of the biggest benefits of this technique is that it is all natural. In fact, it is so natural that it comes directly from your own body. The patient’s blood is used for the platelets, and that is how you rejuvenate your own skin!


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